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Wedge — class, package com.degrafa.geometry
The EllipticalArc element draws an elliptical arc using the specified x, y, width, height, start angle, arc and closure type.
Wedge(x:Number, y:Number, centerX:Number, centerY:Number, width:Number, height:Number, startAngle:Number, arc:Number, closureType:String, innerRadius:Number, outerRadius:Number) — Constructor, class com.degrafa.geometry.Wedge
WedgeStackGroup — class, package org.axiis.charts.groupings
WedgeStackGroup renders a series of wedges along an arc.
WedgeStackGroup() — Constructor, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.WedgeStackGroup
width — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
Defines the width of the layout.
width — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Wedge
The width of the arc.
width — Property, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
The width of the layout.
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