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AbstractLayout — class, package org.axiis.core
AbstractLayout is an base class that provides definitions of properties and stubs for methods required by BaseLayout.
AbstractLayout() — Constructor, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
AbstractScale — class, package org.axiis.layouts.scale
An abstract base class that scales can extend.
activateStateForChildren(state:org.axiis.states:State) — method, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
Makes all descendents enter the state specfied.
activateStateForParents(stateForAncestors:org.axiis.states:State, stateForAncestorSiblings:org.axiis.states:State) — method, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
Makes all ancestores and their siblings enter the state specfied.
activateStateForSiblings(state:org.axiis.states:State) — method, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
Makes all siblings (AxiisSprites with the same parent) enter the state specfied.
activeState — Property, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
The state the AxiisSprite is currently renderering
addDrawingSprite(aSprite:org.axiis.core:AxiisSprite) — method, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
Adds a AxiisSprite as one of the drawingSprites.
addLayoutSprite(aSprite:org.axiis.core:AxiisSprite) — method, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
Adds a AxiisSprite as one of the layoutSprites.
AGGREGATE_AVG — Constant Static Property, class org.axiis.data.DataSet
aggregateData(data:Object, collectionName:String, properties:Array) — method, class org.axiis.data.DataSet
Perform simple aggregations against the "data" property by dynamically adding properties to the parent object.
AGGREGATE_SUM — Constant Static Property, class org.axiis.data.DataSet
aggregateTable(name:String, groupings:Array, summaryCols:Array) — method, class org.axiis.data.DataSet
Groups table data into a hierarchal collection of
alignTextOuter — Property, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.WedgeStackGroup
true = text gets aligned outside of the labelRadiusRatio false = text gets aligned inside of the labelRadiusRatio
alpha — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
The alpha setting that applies to this object.
AnchoredDataTipManager — class, package org.axiis.managers
AnchoredDataTipManager will lay out a single data tip at a fixed point.
AnchoredDataTipManager() — Constructor, class org.axiis.managers.AnchoredDataTipManager
angleAt(t:Number) — method, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
Returns the angle of a point t(0-1) on the path.
angleGap — Property, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.WedgeStackGroup
The gap between elements in degrees.
apply() — method, class org.axiis.layouts.utils.PropertyModifier
Applies the modifier to the modifyOperator and sets the target property to the result.
apply() — method, class org.axiis.states.State
Modifies each Object at index i in the targets Array by setting its corresponding property, properties[i], to value[i].
arc — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Wedge
The angular extent of the arc.
AreaLineDecorator — class, package com.degrafa.decorators.axiis
AreaLineDecorator() — Constructor, class com.degrafa.decorators.axiis.AreaLineDecorator
autoAdjustScale — Property, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.LineSeriesGroup
Adjust min/max of vertical scale to fit data (does this destructively to the scale)
autoClearGraphicsTarget — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
When using a graphicsTarget and if this property is set to true the draw phase will clear the graphics context before drawing.
autoInterpolate — Property, class org.axiis.paint.LayoutAutoPalette
A flag that, if true, instructs the LayoutAutoPalette to automatically create a palette based on the colorFrom and colorTo properties.
AxiisSprite — class, package org.axiis.core
AxiisSprites render individual drawingGeometries from layouts.
AxiisSprite() — Constructor, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
AxisBase — class, package org.axiis.charts.axis
AxisBase is the base class for HAxis and VAxis.
AxisBase() — Constructor, class org.axiis.charts.axis.AxisBase
axisLabelFunction — Property, class org.axiis.charts.axis.HCategoryAxis
A function used to determine the text of each label.
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