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geometricLength — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
Returns geometric length of this object.
geometry — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
A array of IGeometryComposition objects.
geometry — Property, class org.axiis.layouts.utils.GeometryRepeater
The geometry that should be repeated.
Geometry — class, package com.degrafa.geometry
A geometry object is a type of Degrafa object that enables rendering to a graphics context.
geometryCollection — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
Access to the Degrafa geometry collection object for this geometry object.
GeometryRepeater — class, package org.axiis.layouts.utils
GeometryRepeater modifies geometries through the use of PropertyModifiers.
GeometryRepeater() — Constructor, class org.axiis.layouts.utils.GeometryRepeater
getProperty(obj:Object, propertyName:Object) — method, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
Uses ObjectUtils.getProperty(this,obj,propertyName) to get a property on an object.
getProperty(caller:Object, obj:Object, propertyName:Object) — Static Method , class org.axiis.utils.ObjectUtils
Extracts propertyName from obj
getSprite(owner:org.axiis:DataCanvas) — method, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
Returns the Sprite associated with this layout if owner is in fact the owner of this layout.
graphicsTarget — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
One or more display object's that this Geometry is to be drawn to.
graphicsTargetCollection — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
Access to the Degrafa target collection object for this geometry object.
GraphicUtils — class, package org.axiis.utils
An all static class containing methods used to create Degrafa geometry.
gridFill — Property, class org.axiis.charts.axis.AxisBase
The fill used to render the grid areas that occur at alternating major tick marks.
gridStroke — Property, class org.axiis.charts.axis.AxisBase
The stroke that should be used to render the grid lines running across this axis.
groupedData — Property, class org.axiis.data.DataGroup
Child groups that may exist within this unique record
GroupingBase — class, package org.axiis.charts.groupings
GroupingBase is the base class for BarCluster, BarStack, ColumnCluster, and ColumnStack, and it contains definitions of properties that these subclasses leverage.
GroupingBase() — Constructor, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.GroupingBase
groupName — Property, class org.axiis.data.DataGroup
Used to store the name of the group.
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