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backgroundGeometries — Property, class org.axiis.DataCanvas
An array of geometries that should be rendered behind the layouts.
BarCluster — class, package org.axiis.charts.groupings
BarCluster groups a series of bars together vertically and labels them.
BarCluster() — Constructor, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.BarCluster
BarStack — class, package org.axiis.charts.groupings
BarStack groups a series of horizontal bars together horizontally and labels them.
BarStack() — Constructor, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.BarStack
base — Property, class org.axiis.layouts.scale.LogScale
The base of the logarithm used in the scale
BaseLayout — class, package org.axiis.core
BaseLayout is a data driven layout engine that uses GeometryRepeaters and PropertyModifiers to transform geometries before drawing them to the screen.
BaseLayout() — Constructor, class org.axiis.core.BaseLayout
BaseLineAreaLineDecorator — class, package com.degrafa.decorators.axiis
BaseLineAreaLineDecorator() — Constructor, class com.degrafa.decorators.axiis.BaseLineAreaLineDecorator
beginModify(target:Object) — method, class org.axiis.layouts.utils.PropertyModifier
Indicates that the PropertyModifier should operate on the target.
BooleanExpression — class, package org.axiis.utils
BooleanExpression provides a convenient place to store the results of boolean calculations used in multiple places within an MXML document.
BooleanExpression() — Constructor, class org.axiis.utils.BooleanExpression
bottom — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
When set, the bottom of the layout will be located offset from the bottom of it's parent.
bounds — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
The tight bounds of this element as represented by a Rectangle.
bounds — Property, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
A rectangle that acts as the bounding area for this layout
bounds — Property, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
A rectangle representing the top-left corner and dimensions of the geometries this AxiisSprite renders.
buildSegmentsFromCurvePoints(graphicPoints:Array, tension:Number) — Static Method , class org.axiis.utils.GraphicUtils
Converts an Array of GraphicPoints into a series of curveTo commands that can then be used to draw a curve to a graphics context.
buttonMode — Property, class org.axiis.core.BaseLayout
The value of the buttonMode flag to set for each child Sprite
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