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radialGap — Property, class org.axiis.layouts.ConcentricWedgeLayout
The distance in pixels between successive wedges
radiusField — Property, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.PlotGroup
The name of the property on the items in the dataProvider that contains the value that should used to determine the radius of each circle.
radiusScale — Property, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.PlotGroup
The scale used to convert data values to radii.
referenceRepeater — Property, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
A GeometryRepeater that will be applied to the drawingGeometries once for each item in the dataProvider.
registerOwner(dataCanvas:org.axiis:DataCanvas) — method, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
Registers a DisplayObject as the owner of this layout.
remove() — method, class org.axiis.states.State
Returns the targets' properties to their original values, undoing the effects of the previous call to apply.
render(newSprite:org.axiis.core:AxiisSprite) — method, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
Draws this layout to the specified AxiisSprite.
render(state:org.axiis.states:State) — method, class org.axiis.core.AxiisSprite
Displays the child sprite for the state parameter and hides all others.
render(newSprite:org.axiis.core:AxiisSprite) — method, class org.axiis.core.BaseLayout
Draws this layout to the specified AxiisSprite, tracking all changes made by data binding or the referenceRepeater.
renderChildLayouts(child:org.axiis.core:AxiisSprite) — method, class org.axiis.core.BaseLayout
Calls the render method on all child layouts.
renderComplete — Event, class org.axiis.core.BaseLayout
Dispatched when layout has completed its render cycle
rendering — Property, class org.axiis.core.AbstractLayout
Whether or not this layout is currently in a render cycle.
repeat(numIterations:int, preIterationCallback:Function, postIterationCallback:Function, completeCallback:Function) — method, class org.axiis.layouts.utils.GeometryRepeater
Begins the modifications process.
repeatComplete() — method, class org.axiis.core.BaseLayout
The callback method called by the referenceRepeater after it finishes its final iteration.
RepeaterLayout — class, package org.axiis.layouts
RepeaterLayout fires preRender and itemPreDraw events but does not modify its repeated Geometry, a RegularRectangle spanning the width and height of the Layout.
RepeaterLayout() — Constructor, class org.axiis.layouts.RepeaterLayout
right — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
When set, the right of the layout will be located offset by the value of this property multiplied by the containing width.
rowCount — Property, class org.axiis.data.DataSet
The number of rows (Objects) in the data object.
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