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targetCoordinateSpace — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
The display object that defines the coordinate system to use.
targets — Property, class org.axiis.states.State
An Array of Objects that should have one or more of their properties modified by this state.
tension — Property, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.LineSeriesGroup
The tension used to render the curves in this chart.
TextDataTipContent — class, package org.axiis.ui
The default data tip content renderer.
TextDataTipContent() — Constructor, class org.axiis.ui.TextDataTipContent
tickGap — Property, class org.axiis.charts.axis.AxisBase
The number of values between successive minor tick marks.
tickStroke — Property, class org.axiis.charts.axis.AxisBase
The stroke used to render each tick mark.
top — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
When set, the top of the layout will be located offset from the top of it's parent.
transform — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
Defines the transform object that will be used for rendering this geometry object.
transformBounds — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
Returns a transformed version of this objects bounds as represented by a Rectangle.
transformContext — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
A reference to the transformation matrix context within which local transforms will be applied.
triggers — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Geometry
An array of ITrigger objects that this Geometry object will use.
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