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ObjectUtils — class, package org.axiis.utils
This ObjectUtility class is primarily used to extract property values from dynamic objects
org.axiis — package
org.axiis.charts.axis — package
org.axiis.charts.groupings — package
org.axiis.charts.labels — package
org.axiis.core — package
org.axiis.data — package
org.axiis.events — package
org.axiis.layouts — package
org.axiis.layouts.scale — package
org.axiis.layouts.utils — package
org.axiis.managers — package
org.axiis.paint — package
org.axiis.states — package
org.axiis.ui — package
org.axiis.utils — package
outerRadius — Property, class com.degrafa.geometry.Wedge
The outer radius of the arc when used with a pie type closure.
outerRadiusRatio — Property, class org.axiis.charts.groupings.WedgeStackGroup
The outer radius of the wedge as a ratio of the radius.
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